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Implementing Communication Solutions for 35 years

Business Phone Systems in Carmel, Indiana

Since 1985, C.M. Solutions in Carmel, Indiana, has served as the most trusted single-solution telecommunications company. The extensive selection of products and services we offer make us the best choice for any business, and we can easily accommodate your needs. Whether you need an efficient office phone system or 24/7 IT support, you can rely on us to offer the right solution.

When you work with C.M. Solutions, you’ll have peace of mind in knowing you have a telecommunications company on your side that is dedicated to meeting your needs. Call us today to see how we can find the best fit for your business. 


• Managed Services 
• Phone System Support 
• Internet 
• Telecom Consulting 
• FIT Consulting 
• Invoice Assurance and Review 
• Consolidated Billing 
• Contract Management 
• Trouble Ticketing 
• Wireless Data Management 
• Email Hosting 
• Website Development 
• Inside Wiring 
• Low Voltage Cabling 


• Phone Service 
• Cable Internet 
• Cloud-Based Phone Systems 
• Premise-Based Phone Systems 
• TV 
• Virtual Private Network 
• LED Lighting 
• Long Distance 
• Toll-Free Number 

Phone Systems and Support

• Avaya 
• Cisco 
• Grandstream 
• Mitel 
• Nortel Meridian 
• Polycom 
• Samsung 
• Shoretel 
• Yealink 
Website Development
Cable Internet services


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